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Judah's and Tamar's Truth


Its time this delicate story is written about, for its remarkable courage and humility. Because of Tamars courage and determination to OBTAIN what was rightfully hers, without crossing family (morals) nor disobeying God ... and because of Judah's HUMBLE REPENTANCE and public apology... God gave them BOTH DOUBLE good for their troubles. Judah played a big part in selling his brother Joseph into slavery, ultimately separating Jacob from his most favorite son Joseph. Judah in turn was also separated from TWO of his sons, but their death was real. To lose two sons is hard on any human being. Judah suffered, and therefore inflicted that pain on others, namely Tamar. She was a pure, innocent woman caught in the middle of Judah's "golden-rule-karma". The two literally hated each other, and this is why this story does not condone fornication nor adultery. Judah was wrong for not giving his youngest son, and wrong for sleeping with a prostitute...and Tamar suffered at the mercy of his troubles. But Tamar kept it in the family and timed her pregnancy perfectly with a man she knew despised her and she to him as well. She would have been put to death if he knew who she was. This story is NOT about SEX, or Fornication, its about Tamar's courage and crafty wisdom to obtain what was rightfully hers. AND the humble response of Judah when he was exposed publicly. The TWO NEVER slept together again. They were good people, that God BLESSED with TWINS because of their END CHOICES in handling a delicate situation.