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UN-Deniable UN-Forgettable SuperNatural Encounters Volume I written by Dr. Gabriel Hope


UN-Deniable UN-Forgettable SuperNatural Encounters Volume I   written by Dr. Gabriel Hope

This is one of Dr Hope's #1 sellers. Volume II  is in print to be available soon. These REAL, undeniable, unforgettable supernatural encounters have been witnessed, documented, filmed and shared for the benefit of those who have experienced such things but questioned. It is also to TEACH the crucial difference between the LIGHT and DARK worlds of the supernatural realm. 

This book was written to help anyone not just believe in INTANGIBLE POWER but understand and utilize it, to the extent that God alone desires for them.
However, be mindful of this truthful Bible statement in I Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural (selfish) person receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to them: neither can they ”know” them, because they are spiritually discerned.”
 It is my prayer that this book of truths will cause an impartation of super natural heaven encounters to occur all over this earth as curious, “hungry for God” individuals  and church groups embrace their God given gifts and potentials!
Some of these supernatural encounters that are listed and written have tangible evidence to follow, and there are others that are believable by faith.
I began documenting these encounters at the early stages of my Christian walk, and mostly chose NOT to divulge them publicly , but kept them private until I truly understood at least a portion of the supernatural world. I don’t believe there is a person alive who can declare they are all knowing of the supernatural world. Even the angels in heaven constantly “cry  HOLY, HOLY HOLY as they SEE YET ANOTHER side of our Mighty Heavenly Father!” Isaiah 6:3 
As the supernatural encounters became more frequent in my life, I sought  a handful of trusted friends that I briefly shared with, hoping  they would help me understand more of these encounters, their meanings and purposes. These friends are intelligent business owners and wealthy individuals whom I knew would speak raw truth to and about me, if they thought I was in left field somewhere… but much to my surprise, they confided in me also, some of their super natural encounters which had effected they and their families lives, for years. We privately discussed things that did not usher in a dollar or generate confusion or gossip of any kind. It was pure God time, powerful super natural true stories that tangibly or intangibly steered our lives in a new and better direction.