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Royal Steps Destined for Dignity by Gabriel Hope


Royal Steps Destined for Dignity is one of Dr Hope's top sellers. It details her testimony from overcoming the horrors of (her) childhood to the consistent victories and benefits of a close walk with God. The purpose of writing these truths is to encourage those who have faced trial after trial, and searched for solutions. Many have commented that this book kept them reading from beginning to end in one setting.  Several faced the concept of true forgiveness as a tool for "trial-turn-around" giving them peace that passes all understanding. 

Everyone has a story, as life is truly a "choice — journey". Dr Hope's story may shock you, but surely the last half of this book will bless you. When our destiny settles, the trial is over. When our destiny settles, we NEVER have to re-live what we overcame... We fear no evil, for you Lord are with us, and Your Powerful Word comforts us. Peace, prosperity, protection, provision, and purity are not just obtainable but sustainable. ALL things work together for good to those who love The Lord and are called according to HIS purpose. ALL things.