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LIVING LEGACY A Life Time of Miracles by C.S. Upthegrove


A large 300 page  picture packed beautiful royal blue velvet book is a satisfying documentary of the life and living legacy of C.S. Upthegrove ... This Book documents TRUE STORIES of  MIRACLES and Prophecies...  from the 1960's 70's 80's 90's and to now)!  Inside you will glean from the Miracles, His personal angelic visit after his long fast, world evangelism, healings, and a personal friendship and WORD from Prophet TB Joshua!  A must read and well worth the investment!!  Beautiful royal blue cover with gold print lettering. Hand made and a book shelf attraction... An "all in one book", the BEST of his vast Library! The outer appearance of this absolutely stunning book is a showstopper by itself, but the TRUE value is within its rich pages full of miracles, healings and many pictures captured on film, from black and white to color, guaranteed to build your faith in God and His Word. Many have been healed by simply reading this amazing book and countless answered prayers have been recorded in history through the ministry, life, and obedient sacrifice of Rev. C.S. Upthegrove. In his meetings, teeth have been filled with gold, silver and more, and money has appeared in pocket books and wallets, legs have grown to their right size and the blind eyes see! Get ready to be blessed, with a Life time of legacy wrapped in one big beautiful script, destined for your healing!