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28+ Ways God Speaks To Us! (book) BEST SELLER by Dr. Gabriel Hope


28+ Ways God Speaks To Us!  (book) BEST SELLER  by Dr. Gabriel Hope 

How often do we "wait" for God to talk to us? How often do we hear others say that God does NOT speak to us today, or they have NOT heard God in a long time? These very words according to statistics are spoken or commented on hundreds of times each hour. 
Have you ever done something for someone and they don't take value or understand what was done for them, and later deny your kind actions or words were ever fulfilled? 

God LOVES each and every one of us so much that HE communicates with us in numerous ways. Dr. Hope has documented in detail in this book and the four part cd series on the 28+ ways God speaks. HE is God, and capable of anything He desires, with anyone, at anytime. He LOVES us so much that HE constantly communes with us and deeply desires for us to recognize HIS efforts, HIS VOICE, HIS Wonders...ALL to get our attention on HIM (alone). 

HE is zealous of out time, and our talents that HE gave us, but more importantly HE wants our hearts and minds to be focused on HIM. Why? Because HE has all the answers! HE can make our life much easier if we just seek HIS advice FIRST! 
Yes, HE speaks, in many many ways... Are you listening?