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Tree of Smiles Lamp, ArtWork, Sculpture, Desk Ornament, & Toy, NEW Patent for SALE


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PATENT #__29/ 474-824 __

Beautiful Lamp Illuminates SMILES All Over A Room At Night.


Tree of Smiles Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy, and Art Work

   Design Patent     February 12, 2015


Patent Owner: George A Stone


Agent: Gabriel Hope (HHSH)


Design Patent  name:  TREE OF SMILES Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy, and Art Work


Current U.S. Class:

D11/157; D11/117; D11/131

Current International Class:


Field of Search:

;D11/117,118,121,125,131,157 ;428/17,21-23,15,542.2-542.6



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Figure Drawings as Said:

  FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a fruit tree taken from the side and front. This said tree of smiles

 in figure #1 is integral with various shaped ornaments that only wherein have a smile mouth on

each piece.

FIG. 2  thereof shows irregular circumference flat design tree of smiles, with cut out varies smile

 mouth shapes. Behind each cut out smile, is placed a light of any color or colored paper.  This

 Fig#2 is thick in its circumference. Said Fig #2 tree of smiles houses a  hollow interior which

 permits lighting integral with smile mouth cut outs. This Tree of smiles is designed to be a

 lamp, a desk ornament, a toy, wherein  any shape, size or figure.  

FIG. 3 wherein reflects a wired spiral in a cone shape with any color cloth sheet, paper,

cardboard, or any material flexibly laid over the frame with cut out smile mouths. This flexible

material is integral with the smile mouth shaped cut out design.  Behind this flexible material

 wherein has  the smile mouth design are lights of any color for any holiday, event, culture,

 company promotion, or religious function. The tree is integral with the smile mouth cut out

design. The smile mouth can be a full smile, a grin, a smirk, or a laughing mouth.

FIG. 4 thereof figure #4 represents a colonial juniper tree style with various  shaped ornaments

each integral with a hanging smile mouth object.



Tree of Smiles Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy, and Art Work comprising of:

Any shape or type of tree, with purity in size or colors, is decorated with a purity of diversified

 smiles of any shape or size. Said Tree of Smiles can have  a cut out smile which can be lit up

with multiple colors from any form of decoration with lights or colored paper. Said Tree of

 Smiles can have any size ornament hanging on its limbs and leaves with a smile mouth integral

 with its design. Said Tree of Smiles   Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy, and Art Work  are decorated

for any holiday, and organization in representation, and country or culture in reflection of

desired promotion.  At the top of said  TREE OF SMILES Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy, and Art

 Work,  will be a figure integral with a holiday or organization or promotion.  An angel,

 a pumpkin, a flag, a cap a hat,  a figure, or a sport ornament is designed to placed at top of

 tree. This said tree of smiles can be  decorated for religious purposes with red yellow black and

 white smile ornaments representing the cultures and colors of the human race. Tree of smiles

 can have any size or shape or colored  ornament in variety, integral with a smile face on each

 hanging ornament. The tree, conjoined  with the smile(s), cut out or smiling object or

ornament,  is the nucleus of said Tree of Smiles  Design Patent. Each Tree Of Smiles is designed

 and patented  to be a lamp, desk ornament, toy and or art work.   



This Tree of Smiles can be made of any material , can be any size desired with the means of

 entertainment for both children as well as adults, integral with a holiday, corporation,

organization, religion, event, or infant. The smiles within the tree are carved out, cut out, or

drawn and designed in a mold  that the smiles are used to light up in the dark, or visible in the

 day. This design is patented for lamps, magnets, lights, night lights, toys, desk ornaments,

Halloween lanterns, a positive energy object representing an organization, religion, culture,

country, or company as such. 


Wherein in a flat artistic drawing, this said tree of smiles has no depth, and reflects the Tree of

 Smile design in any color, shape or size.  This said tangible Trre of Smiles in Fig #3 is hollow, and

can be coned shaped, or in any tree shape desired. Any nature of material can be placed over

the hollow tree form with cut out smile mouths.  This outer  shell has smiles cut into its surface.

 The interior will house a lighting system with multiple colors. These lights vary in design. Some

remain lit and others turn on and off. Each, shining through the cut out smiles on the surface of

the shell. This said hollow tree as shown in Fig #3, will have a variety of stands per each desired

 look. Ranging from multiple roots to a disk or a square base, however there is a central trunk

down the center integral to holding each varied stand.


As in Fig #1, Fig #2 and Fig #4, these said Tree of Smile Designs and tangible standing figures

 vary in size and shape and house the branches, encasement, objects and ornaments integral

 with the smile mouth design on each said ornament, object, encasement, or branch. This said

 tree of smiles is designed to be a toy, a lamp, desk ornament, or for promotional uses in as

such potential psychological boost for nursing homes, nurseries, mental institutions, veterans

hospitals, rehab units.   


This said Tree of Smiles Lamp, Desk Ornament, Toy and or Art Work,  is a tree integral with (lit

 up), smile mouths designs.